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Welcome to Podcasting Spark, where you can read, listen, and chat all things Podcasting.

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Who Am I?


My name is Jeff Perry and I am an audio engineer, a podcaster, and blogger. My passion is podcasting, specifically helping anyone interested in getting started with podcasting. I have been podcasting for the past several years and have made nearly every mistake out there and I want to take my lessons learned and use that knowledge to get you podcasting without issue.

Audio Editor

I have been podcast editing for several years and recently joined Emerald City Productions to be an editor for them, providing top-notch podcast editing, mixing, and mastering for a reasonable price.


I am the host of Podcasting Spark, a podcast where I talk with other people in the podcasting space and hear their stories that can help you start, grow, and improve your podcast!


Here you will find all the blog posts I write which will all be about podcasting in some fashion but could range from podcasting advice, tutorials, news, commentary, and so on. So if any of that sounds like something you want to read, be sure to keep an eye out for my latest posts!

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