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What is Podchat?

PodChat is the only Podcasting Twitter chat where every Wednesday at 1 p.m. ET a specific topic related to podcastingis picked and questions are asked about the topic allowing you and other podcasters and podcasting fans to jump in using #PodChat in the tweets. It is truly a great way to engage with other people who love podcasting just like you and makeĀ real connections!


So join us next Wednesday and be part of the conversation! You can find more info on past chats and what is next below.

Next PodChat-9/13/17 at 1 p.m. ET

Next #Podchat on Wednesday, August 30th, is all about coming up with Podcast ideas! We are going to talk about where you get your ideas, how you get those ideas into something you can keep them for later and what you do to turn those ideas to actual episodes. Below are the questions that will be asked in the chat so start thinking about your answers and we will see you Wednesday at 1 p.m. ET!


1. Where do you define as getting your podcast noticed?
2. What do you do to help other people see your podcast?
3. What have you tried to get your podcast noticed that you no longer do?
4. What have you thought about doing to increase traffic to your podcast that you are yet to do? Why have you not tried it yet?
5. What is a story you have about people noticing your podcast?
6. What are your plans in the next 3 months to keep people seeing your podcast?
7. What advice can you give to people looking to grow their podcast?